New £450m Police Funding Could Benefit Tamworth

February 12, 2018

THE total budget for the police forces in Tamworth and across the country received an additional £450m funding boost last week following a vote in Parliament, which includes an extra £50m for counter-terrorism policing.

The decision to increase the police force’s funding was also part of a wider package for local government which will see the money that Staffordshire receives increase by 2.7% to £488m per year.

The vote on police funding passed with a majority of 56 since 220 Labour MPs voted against the proposals.

Christopher Pincher MP has welcomed the decision.

Christopher Pincher MP has welcomed the decision.

Tamworth’s MP, Christopher Pincher, said: “I warmly welcome the decision to allocate an additional £450m to the police force, of which Tamworth will receive some benefit. This means more money for local forces, enabling Police and Crime Commissioners to increase their forces’ funding.

“Part of the package will also see investment in national priorities to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness, supporting the police to deal with exceptional costs like responding to terrorist attacks.

“Despite Labour warning that crime would rise, it is at a record low under this Conservative Government – and we are continuing to increase our investment in the police. Labour’s vote against boosting police funding shows they can’t be trusted to take the decisions necessary to protect the public. Despite Mr Corbyn’s grand standing you just can’t take him seriously on policing.”

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