Polesworth Baptist Church Refugee appeal

Sunday, 13th September 2015

THE shocking image of a boy who drowned trying to flee the war in Syria to reach safety has prompted calls for governments to do more to tackle the refugee crisis, but what can individual citizens do to help, and specifically, what can we do locally?

You could sign one of the petitions calling on governments to do more to alleviate refugee suffering.

You could donate money directly to one of the many charities working with the refugees such as Save the Children, Unicef or the Red Cross.

You can now even buy specific items for those who need help. Amazon have set up a wish list of items such as shoes, sleeping bags, nappies, soap, sanitary products and toothpaste which once paid for will be delivered to the region.

Locally, you can donate toiletries, towels, teddy bears, clothing and blankets in clean, good condition to your local collection point, Polesworth Baptist church.

Polesworth Baptist church are looking for clothing for all ages – new underwear, socks, shirts, tops, trousers – and with winter coming there will also be a desperate need for hats, gloves, scarves, jumpers and coats. They are desperate for children’s clothing.

Polesworth Baptist Church, the Gullet is a collection point for items to be taken to the refugees. These will be passed onto Syrian Relief, a UK Refugee charity who will deliver the items directly to where they are needed most.

Please contact Juliet Davies at julietdavies@outlook.com to arrange a time for your donations to be received at Polesworth Baptist Church.