‘Phone and Pay’ cashless parking now up and running

Friday, 21st March 2014

Motorists using Tamworth Borough Council’s pay and display car parks can now opt for ‘cashless’ payments by phone as a new trial scheme goes live.

The ‘Phone and Pay’ cashless parking scheme, provided by Bemrose Mobile, is being tested out in all nine of Tamworth’s council-run car parks. It went live on Wednesday March 19 and will run for 18 months. If the trial is a success, cashless parking could become permanent.

The 18-month trial provides motorists with a quick, easy and safe way to pay for parking in advance, as well as benefiting from additional features such as text confirmation that parking has been booked and a reminder when the session is due to expire. Motorists also have the facility to extend parking sessions via phone, text or app, allowing shoppers and visitors to stay longer in the town centre without having to return to the car.

During the 18 months of the trial, the existing pay and display machines will still be in operation in the car parks, giving motorists the option to continue paying by cash.

The cashless system will also provide a boost to hotel guests, visitors and commuters by providing on overnight stay option, which means motorists can pay to park overnight without fear of penalty – a feature not available on pay and display machines.

Cashless payments can be made on the Phone and Pay smartphone app or by calling a new local number,  01827 234567. Users can also register for the system online at www.phoneandpay.com

Tamworth Borough Council Deputy Leader, Cllr Rob Pritchard, said: “Cashless parking is a much more flexible system, which we hope will make things easier for motorists and will encourage them to stay for longer in the town centre.”

“It will also provide a boost to traders, hotels and restaurants, as visitors will not have to rush back to their cars to avoid a parking ticket. It is a quick and secure way to pay for parking, which will be of benefit to motorists and the town centre.”

A spokesperson for Bemrose Mobile said: “We are thrilled to be rolling out our service in all council-run car parks on Tamworth. ‘Phone and Pay’ is a quick and secure way to pay for parking and once a motorist has used the system, their details will be retained for future use, making parking even more convenient.”

The trial will not cost Tamworth Borough Council anything, as the equipment, signage and software is being provided free of charge by Bemrose Mobile.

More details of the scheme and parking tariffs are available on Tamworth Borough Council’s website at www.tamworth.gov.uk/cashless-parking