Pantomime Stars kicked out of Wetherspoons!

Thursday, 20th December 2018

PANTOMIME actors finished another show at QEMS Theatre last night (Wednesday) and decided to unwind at Wetherspoons in Tamworth – but they were kicked out!

Four of the stars of Dick Whittington went into the Bolebridge for a dessert and a soft drink, but were turned away for “looking drunk” – even though none of them had said anything or touched a drop of alcohol – oh no they hadn’t!

Alex Farrell, who plays Dame Daphne Dumpling, said: “We chose Wetherspoons for a snack after the show as it’s one of the only places that still serves food that late at night.

“As the four of us approached the bar, we were pointed at aggressively and told ‘you’ve had enough, we aren’t serving you’. We were completely bemused and I told them politely that we hadn’t been to any other pub, and we had in fact just come back from the pantomime at QEMS Theatre, but they weren’t having any of it.

“The two women behind the bar both turned their back on us and refused to talk to us. We don’t mind people doing their jobs, but they were incredibly rude and upsetting, and there are ways of communicating with customers, especially when this was clearly a false accusation.

“There were probably half a dozen other customers in the pub at that time, so maybe they just wanted to go home early!”

Sale of alcohol to a person who is drunk

Section 141 of the Licensing Act 2003 says:

A person [who works at the premises in a capacity, whether paid or unpaid…] commits an offence if, on relevant premises, he knowingly sells or attempts to sell alcohol to a person who is drunk, or allows alcohol to be sold to such a person.

The above law would be the reason that service was refused to the Pantomime cast, but the stars insist they had not been drinking and do not know why the staff believed they were drunk.

Following the incident, Alex Farrell took to Facebook to share his annoyance in a video. He certainly doesn’t seem to have had a drink… oh no he doesn’t!

After the incident, the cast went to the nearby pub, The Penny Black on Colehill.  The Barman that served them in that venue has responded to the video on Facebook, confirming that none of the cast was intoxicated.

The Facebook comment from a member of staff at The Penny Black, where their custom was welcome.
The Facebook comment from a member of staff at The Penny Black, where their custom was welcome.

The cast are all volunteers and give their time free-of-charge to put the pantomime on for the community of Tamworth, and they keep their prices low so local people who might not be able to afford the big theatres can come along and enjoy the show.

We have approached Wetherspoons for a comment.

Dick Whittington runs until this Sunday 23 December at QEMS Theatre. Tickets can be booked by calling 01827 709618 or