Our Aethel is home!

Sunday, 20th May 2018

SHE has returned!  Aethalflaed, Tamworth’s Lady of the Mercians has returned home to the Capital of Mercia today (Sunday 20 May).

More than a year of consultations, designing, planning and back-breaking labour has come to an end this morning when Tamworth’s brand new warrior queen sculpture finally returned home and was revealed to the public for the first time.

Although pictures shared throughout the design process have provided glimpses of the huge sculpture, only a couple of people have seen the six-metre tall steel figure put together in its entirety – and the overall effect promises to be ‘surprising and unique’.

Interview with sculpture, Luke Perry

For artist and sculptor, Luke Perry, Aetheflaed has become a real labour of love. He has invested months of time and effort hand-sculpting the statue, affectionately named ‘Our Aethel’, and was pleased to see it being revealed to the people of Tamworth, who provided the inspiration for the piece.

Below you can see him speaking to us at his workshop during the manufacturing process.

Interview with sculpture, Luke Perry at his workshop

Speaking about the installation, sculpture, Luke Perry told Tamworth Informed: “It was an exciting journey and I am looking forward to putting her up.  It is always nice when the pieces are fully together.”

Remarking on Tamworth’s #DoTheAethel campaing, Luke said “I am really happy about it.  It is always nice when people get a load of value out of your work.  They have created an air of anticipation.”

This Aethelflaed was lifted into her final permanent home on the Offa Drive/Saxon Drive roundabout outside Tamworth Railway Station with her spear pointing towards Tamworth Town Centre to guide in visitors.

Aethelflaed made the journey to Tamworth from Luke’s workshop in Cradley Heath and arrived at around 8am to the waiting crane.

'Our Aethel' being installed

Below you can see a selection of images from the installation process.

Click to see the large version.