Official unveiling of Aethelflaed sculpture

Monday, 21st May 2018

THE official unveiling of the 6-metre high Aethelflaed sculpture has taken place today (Monday) with special guests of the Mayor, those involved in the production process and even Æthelflæd herself (sort of!)

After more than a year of consultations, designing, planning and back-breaking labour, Tamworth’s brand new warrior queen sculpture finally returned home and was revealed to the public for the first time when it was installed yesterday – but the official unveiling took place this morning.

Below you can see interviews with Cllr John Chesworth, Mayor of Tamworth in what is his last mayoral duty before handing over the chains; Luke Perry, the sculptor and his family; Mick Jackson from Joseph Ash Galvernizing and Æthelflæd herself (or at least Olivia Shepherd!).

Further down you can also see a selection of images from the installation.

Tamworth Mayor Interview

Interview with the Perry family

Luke Perry in the workshop

'Our Aethel' being installed

Mick Jackson of Joseph Ash Galvanizing

Olivia Shepherd talking about the history of Æthelflæd

Below you can see a selection of images from the installation process.

Click to see the large version.