New venue for Dosthill polling station

Thursday, 19th March 2015

VOTERS living in part of Dosthill will be casting their ballots at a new venue in May’s elections, after it was agreed to relocate the polling station to more suitable premises.

The polling station, currently based at Dosthill Primary School, will move to the Dosthill Boys Club in Cadogan Road after members approved the relocation at Tuesday night’s meeting of the full Council.

The polling station is being moved as the facilities at Dosthill Primary School were considered unsuitable for voters with disabilities, as there is no disabled parking or disabled access.

The new location for the polling station at the Dosthill Boys Club in Cadogan Road has disabled parking, level access and can accommodate motorised wheelchairs.

In approving the relocation, members from all parties agreed that the move was a positive step for democracy in that it would potentially enable more residents to vote.