New tree is fine addition to Wigginton Park

December 2, 2015

A NEW holm oak tree has been planted in Wigginton Park this week, to replace a mature specimen which had to be cut down after it was severely damaged by high winds.

But the new evergreen oak tree isn’t a little sapling, as might be expected, but a 15-ft tall specimen which arrived from Watford on the back of a lorry and had to be planted using special machinery.

The original holm oak suffered such bad damage caused by wind 18 months ago that it had to be felled on safety grounds.

Tamworth Borough Council’s Street Scene department always planned to replace the tree and wanted a more sizeable replacement than would normally be planted, to enable it to establish more quickly.

The tree arrived and was planted on Monday morning. It took two men using a truck with a hi-ab lift and a track mounted digger to get it in the ground.

Visitors to Wigginton Park will see that the tree – close to the rugby club – is being supported by a system of guy wires. These will remain in place to give extra stability to the root-ball while the root system establishes itself. Once the tree is firmly rooted in place, the guying system will be removed.

Cllr Stephen Doyle, Cabinet member for Communities & Public Health, said: “We were very sorry when the mature Holm Oak had to be felled on safety grounds after sustaining damage in a storm and always intended to replace it.

“I am delighted that the new tree has now been planted – it is a splendid addition to the landscape of Wigginton Park.”