New retail complex for Wilnecote?

Thursday, 28th January 2016

BOROUGH Council members will be discussing the proposal for a new retail complex in Wilnecote at a meeting of the Councils planning committee next Tuesday, February 2.

The ‘Pre-application report’ relates to the potential development of the current site for the Co-operative Supermarket and Petrol Filling Station at Brent in Wilnecote.

The proposal sees the demolition of existing supermarket and petrol filling station and re-development of the site for a Supermarket, a smaller foodstore, a drive through restaurant, an A3 unit (food and drink) and a retail terrace; which will contain smaller stores.

It is not known at this time which brands will be involved in the re-development and no formal planning application has been submitted.

The plan indicates the provision two vehicular access points to the site from Brent and Forties with a Foodstore of 24,500 sq.ft and 140 parking spaces, and a Drive-Thru of 3,500 sq.ft with 24 car parking spaces.

A single Take-away unit of 3,000 sq.ft is proposed to the centre of the site with the western part of the site proposed to be developed though the erection of a retail terrace of 71,000 sq.ft comprising 8 units of varying sizes between 5,000 sq.ft and 20,290 sq.ft.

It is proposed to provide 240 car parking spaces to serve this retail terrace and the Take-away unit.  A total of 404 parking spaces for the entire site.

The area of Brent, Wilnecote was identified within the draft Tamworth Local Plan 2006-2031 as an ‘Out of Centre Retail Park’.

A Transport Assessment and Travel Plan will be required if any formal planning application is submitted,  this will consider the issues around access to the site in addition to assessing the appropriate levels of car parking provision at the site.

This news comes after we brought you an article recently covering the plans for a trampoline park in the area. 

What do you think of the plans?  The current buildings on the site do have a somewhat dated appearance and makes the area look a little drab.  Would this new development improve the area?