New Hairdressing Academy opens in Tamworth

June 8, 2015

AS David Cameron celebrates success after five years at the helm, Tamworth hairdresser Neil Lucas celebrates his own five-year landmark with his business Alter Ego The Salon.

And, like the Prime Minister, Neil too is setting out his plans for five more years.

Reflecting on his success, Neil said: “There were times when the prospect of reaching my one year anniversary seemed impossible – especially when you consider that I was just a hairdresser with no experience running a business.

“It has not always been plain sailing, to say the least, but I am proud of achieving five years’ success and even more proud of the fact that I still have many of the same customers I started with.”

Neil is now planning to expand his venture to something he has always dreamed of – hairdressing training.

“During my career, I had the benefit of training with some of the top stylists in Europe with the Toni & Guy Academy. I then went on to become a trainer myself with Toni & Guy, which I loved.

“It was only recently that I realised that I could start to train other professionals again.

“I know the demand is out there because I am always being invited to give demonstrations. So I have decided to set-up Alter Ego The Academy to cater for the need of professionals in Tamworth and beyond.”

Neil aims to start with a simple one day-a-week Men’s Hair Cutting Course based at his salon on the Riverside estate, off Lichfield Road.

Neil can cater for up to six trainees per session and aims to keep the costs affordable.

If you would like more details, then simply call Neil at his salon on 01827 58666 or text him directly on his mobile – 07891 794727.