More than £16,500 raised by Ankerside shoppers in 2017

Friday, 5th January 2018

TAMWORTH shoppers have helped to raise more than £16,500 for local charities in one year, after 38 organisations fundraised at the town’s shopping centre.

Between January and December last year, charities including the British Heart Foundation, Marie Curie, St Giles Hospice, the Royal British Legion and more visited Ankerside Shopping Centre to raise awareness and funds, which saw generous shoppers donate £16,865 to a number of worthwhile causes.

“Here at Ankerside, it is really important to us to be able to support charities, groups and organisations based in and around Tamworth, and it has been a great year of fundraising at the centre,” said Jeff Wigley, Ankerside Shopping Centre manager.

Clothing Drop and Teddy Bear Raffle for Macmillan.

“Since January, 50 charities have had fantastic success whilst at Ankerside,” he said. “Macmillan in particular had a brilliant visit to the centre in March with a tombola and clothing appeal as well as in September when we hosted our annual Macmillan Coffee Day. With both visits the total raised for the charity was more than £2,500.

“Plus, St Giles Hospice have visited Ankerside twice this year, resulting in more than £1,500 raised for the people using their services,” Jeff added.

“Not only have we had charities coming into the centre to raise money, but we have also had 12 organisations promoting awareness of various causes including the Glascote Community Library and Tamworth Samaritans.”

Staff and shoppers at Ankerside don’t only support groups through fundraising and awareness, but through the annual Operation Christmas gifting appeal. “For the fourteenth year running we have also had our toy appeal in the centre where people can donate board games, cuddly toys and other gifts, meaning we have supported three more charities including Pathway Project, Acorns Children’s Hospice and Community Together CIC.”

Mayor John Chesworth, Ankerside’s Lucy Harvery, Macmillan’s Claire Morden and Mayoress Theresa Chesworth.

Some organisations’ fundraising has gone so well at Ankerside, they have decided to return for another charity day in 2018. “We’re already taking bookings for various groups in the area and we’re delighted to be welcoming back Tamworth Samaritans, Cats Protection, RAFA, Canine Partners, the Royal British Legion and more.

“£16,865 is a brilliant amount to be able to raise in just one year and we can’t thank Ankerside shoppers enough for their generosity,” Jeff said. “We are looking forward to continuing our fundraising throughout 2018.”