mmm ‘Chicken’ balls!

Saturday, 12th December 2015

WHEN you sit down to enjoy a takeaway the least you expect is to recognise what you are eating, surely?

That is what Tamworth Informed reader Carla was expecting tonight when she sat down with her daughter for a takeaway from their favourite Chinese takeaway.

26-year-old Carla Illsley from Leyfields sat down this evening, Saturday 12 December with her 3-year-old daughter to tuck in to a takeaway from Peninsular restaurant in Fazeley.

Unfortunately when she opened up one of her chicken balls she did not find what she expected.  She was unsure what she found but it definitely wasn’t chicken as we know it!

Speaking to Tamworth Informed Carla said: “I picked it up and my finger went through it, it was squishy so I opened it up to see what was inside and then stopped eating.”

“I thought it was brains at first but I don’t know what it is, makes me feel ill thinking about it.”

Peninsular was last inspected by Lichfield District Council were last inspected just under three months ago when they achieved 4 out of 5 possible stars; a full copy of the report cane seen here.

Some readers are saying that the rogue item could be a simple battered mushroom but the diner is not so sure at this time. 

Carla said that the takeaway did offer a replacement order of chicken balls but she declined after being put off by the battered ball.

What do you think it is? 

As foodies at Tamworth Informed, we’d have probably just bit in to it for a taste! We’re pretty sure it’s nothing sinister and were confident in the restaurants 4 star rating. These things happen.