Masked raiders cause Snowdome evacuation

June 15, 2015

CUSTOMERS at the Snowdome in Tamworth were left outside last night after masked raiders forced the centre to be evacuated.

Tamworth Informed were contacted last night (Sunday) by a local resident who had been left shaken by the incident.

Just before 11pm, three people, armed with what has been described as fire extinguishers and wearing balaclavas entered the building causing the customers and staff to move to the lower changing area.

It is reported that staff were then forced to ‘stand guard’ over the customers in case the raiders came down stairs.

The customers were later evacuated until Police arrived on scene and made the building safe.

The reader, who wished to remain anonymous said: “[I] went to pick my son up from the Snowdome just before 11pm tonight (sunday). Next thing I know the staff are on either side of the bottom of the steps where you change for snow boarding with pick axe type things because three idiots in balaclavas armed with fire extinguishers stormed the building and may try to come down.

“We were evacuated to back of hotel and not allowed in for ages whilst police made building safe.”

At this time, no statement has been released from the Police.

Were you at the Snowdome when the incident occurred? Get in touch as we want to hear from you.