The Machine Gun Preacher visits Tamworth in his UK Tour!

Thursday, 8th March 2018

Sam Childers’ life was the subject of Hollywood movie and now The Machine Gun Preacher​ ​will be visiting ​Tamworth!

​Sam ​Childers​:​​ aka the Machine Gun Preacher​will be ​at The Coton Centre on Thursday 22nd March at 7:00pm to share his life story, which was captured in The Machine Gun Preacher​ motion picture ​(​Starring Hollywood heart-throb ​and well know Scotsman – ​Gerard Butler ​playing the role of Sam Childers). The film was based on Childers​ ‘​book Another Man’s War​’​.

​The movie and the book propelled Childers to an overnight brand that has seen him speak to audiences of 10’s of thousands all around the world – not to mention the many TV/film productions he’s been asked to be involved in.

​It all started with a Scum of the earth type life​ – one​of drugs and violence – which involved, at one point, being an armed guard for drug dealers​. After almost being killed in a wild brawl Childers decided to turn his life around – to embrace a life of faith in God as he fought to free enslaved children in South Sudan​ and Northern Uganda – that all started back in 1998.

Since then, Childers has built ​one of the largest ​orphanage​s​in Southern Sudan, which has fed and housed more than​ a​1,000 children. With the orphanage finished, Childers began to lead armed missions to rescue children from the Lord’s Resistance Army – which led to villagers calling him ‘The Machine Gun Preacher’.

​Fast-forward till today: Childers team make around 12,000 meals every day (for feeding programs in East Africa) and house 380 orphan children (most of which are victims of some atrocity) 24/7​. He’s also drilled dozens of well’s – built many schools and has major projects in South Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia.

​Matt Clarke said they are hoping up to 500 people will attend the event.

“​Sam Childers ​​was a guy with ​NO HOPE – No future​…​so a story like his will be inspiring and encouraging to people​ – that’s what we need in our community”​.

“People can get motivated by listening to him.”

Matt said they decided to invite him to come to The Coton Centre as he was in the area at the time​ -​​ to our surprise Childers accepted​ our invite.​ This is something HUGE for our community!​

​Matt said the event is open to everyone and that they hope​d​ people who don’t regularly go to ​a church ​​will ​come along and hear Sam Childers Incredible story.​

The event will be free, ​although we will take up a free will offering for the work he does in South Sudan and Northern Uganda at sometime after he has spoken. “We’d like to think we could help him save some more children”, said Matt

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This article was supplied to Tamworth Informed by Matt Clarke.