It’s a fair cop! Police pay lowest insurance premiums, new data shows

Tuesday, 12th January 2021

MEMBERS of the police force pay the cheapest car insurance premiums for insuring their personal vehicles, according to new data from a leading UK motoring insurance comparison website.

Research carried out by found annual premiums for police professionals come in at an average of £489. The next lowest premiums, by profession, are for ministers of religion, £547 and driving instructors, at £591.

At the other end of the scale, hospitality staff copped some of the highest average insurance premiums, with restaurant managers paying an average of £968, bar staff, £964, and restaurateurs, £934.

The analysis is based on a sample of over 800,000 car insurance policies compiled from across the UK during 2020.

Responding to the data, founder Greg Wilson comments:

“Your occupation is just one of the variables that go into an insurance provider’s premium calculation, but it is an important one.

“It’s probably not surprising that police professionals and driving instructors benefit from some of the cheapest car insurance premiums when they’re insuring their own vehicles, because people who either teach the rules of the road or uphold them, are perhaps more likely to comply with those rules and regulations themselves.

“But whatever your occupation happens to be, it’s clear that your job title can have a significant impact on your car insurance premium. Given how many people have changed jobs recently and the fact that many may be thinking about doing so as we begin a new year, it’s worth stressing that policyholders have an obligation to inform their car insurance providers if there has been a material change to their policy details, such as job title.

“It’s also worth bearing in mind that smaller changes to the way people work can sometimes affect the premium too. For example, if policyholders now work from home, parking their car on a private driveway, not using their car for business use or the commuter journey could potentially result in a reduced premium.”

Here is a list of occupations and how their average car insurance premium compares:

Occupation Average car insurance premium in 2020 (£)
Police 488.97
Ministers of Religion 546.92
Architect 581.73
Driving Instructor 590.54
Nurse 598.43
Lawyer 620.16
Farmer 649.37
Dentist 661.73
Engineer 665.21
Accountant 672.38
Financial Adviser 689.59
Farm manager 696.58
Farming 741.67
Agriculture engineer 819.14
Tractor drivers 832.19
Construction 853.02
GP 873.85
Bar managers 928.36
Agricultural workers 931.31
Restaurateurs 934.19
Bar staff 964.44
Restaurant manager 967.87 
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