Love-ly Shakespeare at Middleton Hall

Monday, 14th September 2015

SHAKESPEARE’S greatest love story is to be performed at the picturesque setting of Middleton Hall this November.

Award-winning drama group Misnomer Theatre will put on four performances of Romeo and Juliet in the beautiful setting of the Great Hall, with a selection of well-known local faces taking the leading roles.

Company manager Alex Farrell, who is playing the part of Romeo’s friend Mercutio, said: “The whole cast is very excited about this project. Shakespeare is such a big part of our modern culture, and Romeo and Juliet is so iconic that we can’t wait to start performing.

“When we first started rehearsing at Middleton Hall, we were just taken aback by the surroundings. Many of us had been to visit before, but to actually perform there in Shakespearian dress really brings the play to life.”

The part of Romeo is played by Neil Lucas, who was Prince Charming in last year’s pantomime Cinderella at the Tamworth Assembly Rooms.

Olivia Shepherd, who runs drama school Enact Academy as well as being councillor for Fazeley, is taking on the part of Juliet.

For some of the cast it’s not their first Shakespeare at Middleton Hall, four years ago several of them were part of a production of Much Ado About Nothing in the walled garden.

Alex Farrell said: “The Hall has so many unique and beautiful areas in which to perform. Romeo and Juliet takes place in and around the fantastic Great Hall, so the audience will experience the action take place around them as well as on the stage in front of them.

“Every audience member will be presented with a complimentary drink on arrival, and tea and coffee is provided free of charge in the interval to make the experience as memorable as possible.”

Tickets are £12 per person and available now from the Tamworth Tourist Information Centre on 01827 709618 or by visiting