Lose Weight – Feel Great with Tamworth’s Newest Consultants

Saturday, 23rd January 2016

EATING themselves slim was something that Bryony Baker and Jeni Saville could only have dreamed of!

Newlywed Bryony Baker and local business woman Jeni Saville have both lost weight successfully with Sliming World, they are now passionate to share their experiences, and their new training with their local communities.

Bryony before and After

Bryony before and After

Warton bride Bryony slimmed down to lose 3 stones after saying ‘yes to the dress!’ saying goodbye to ‘yo-yo dieting’ deciding ‘this time AISLE lose weight for the last time’ and so she did!

The 35 year old teacher and mum of one remembers fondly her very warm welcome to her Slimming World group in Atherstone, and any fears of failure quickly went away! In fact Bryony was hooked after losing 6 and a half pounds in her first week!

Supported by members in her group Bryony was soon in control of her eating habits, whilst still enjoying Saturday night curries with a glass of wine, and loving family favourites such as lasagne, spaghetti bolognaise and burger with chips! ‘It’s making small changes to the way you shop, cook and eat’ says Bryony, ‘where no foods are banned!’

Jeni before and after

Jeni before and after

Tamworth resident Jeni Saville turned her life and her confidence around after losing weight in her local Tamworth group. The 36 year old Kickboxer from Hockley found she could eat almost anything whilst burning off the calories. It was when Jeni stopped her exercise that the pounds piled on – and needed to learn healthy eating to be back in control.

“I was miserable and felt unattractive” said Jeni who decided that enough was enough, “I was amazed to discover that I COULD eat anything I wanted, some in unlimited amounts, and others in moderation. I was stunned to hear I could still eat pasta and potatoes, and enjoy a measured tipple.”

With her new found confidence, local business woman Jeni has taken up Pole Fitness at a local studio and finds she loves showing off her new self whilst toning up at the same time. Jeni is celebrating her new target weight and even contemplating lowering it, whilst looking forward to helping others achieve their dreams.

Both ladies have completed intensive training and are ready to open the doors of their new groups to help as many as possible. Jeni will be at Mile Oak Community Centre at 9.30 am each Monday Morning from 25th January and Bryony from 27th January at Dordon Village hall, each Wednesday at 7 p.m.

For more information call Jeni on 07916 117577 or Bryony on 07989 517785.