Locations for Zombies required!

Monday, 29th June 2015

A LOCAL acting academy are making a Zombie Apocalypse film but are in need of locations, so they are calling on local businesses to help.  They promise you wont be infected!

Stage It! Academy is filming ‘The Infected’, with their seniors group. The filming is going brilliantly and they are planning to have a red carpet premiere on 28th October this year.

They are in need of some help though… As its a Zombie apocalypse, there are characters within the film who go on a hoarding mission to shops to collect supplies.

The Three Tuns, in Fazeley are kindly letting them use the pub for one location, but they would really like another couple of locations.

If any local shops or businesses would be able to help, they would be extremely grateful.

If you can help, please contact info@stageitacademy.co.uk or 07793 549273