Local Poet publishes charity book

Thursday, 22nd October 2020

A TAMWORTH poet has published a collection of comic verse with all royalties being donated to Burntwood charity COGS Prepares 4 Life.

The charity support adults who struggle with everyday life to develop new skills and confidence.

The Gillway based poet and comedy performer Andy Gilbert, whose son George is supported by the charity, has written a collection of rude poems aimed at raising the spirits of a nation in these difficult times.

While certainly not for the easily offended, his new book ‘Vulgarity with Clarity’ is described as ‘the perfect reminder of a year we would all rather forget’.

It also comes with the warning ‘Do not buy if you are easily offended although this book would make an ideal gift for someone that you do not like.’

Andy Gilbert is a poet and poetry teacher who performs at fringe festivals and anywhere else that they will let him!

Speaking about the book, he says:

“This is a zeitgeist of delusional left-leaning poetry, with a solid urban vibe to cheer up a nation in crisis.”

The book is available in digital and paperback from Amazon.

Andy Gilbert

Gillway Poet, Andy Gilbert.

About COGS Prepares 4 Life

Cherry Orchard Garden Services CIC (also known as COGS) is a not-for-profit organisation run for and by adults with learning disabilities who face many barriers being integrated into the local community.

With the help of our support staff, the members of COGS are trained gardeners who provide practical work in the community by gardening for frail elderly people in the Burntwood & Lichfield area who struggle to maintain their gardens due to illness and vulnerability.

COGS also offer travel training which helps those at COGS learn how to read a public transport timetable, how to plan the route to get to the bus stop that they need to go to, when to get off the bus and walk to where they need to go.

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