Local MP welcomes review to ‘drive up quality’ of post-18 education

Tuesday, 27th February 2018

TAMWORTH MP, Christopher Pincher, has welcomed the Prime Minister’s launch of a major review of post-18 education which it is claimed will ‘drive up quality, increase choice and ensure value for money’.

The review will ensure that post-18 education is giving everyone a genuine choice between high quality technical, vocational and academic routes, students and taxpayers are getting value for money and employers can access the skilled workforce they need.

The review will be informed by independent advice from an expert panel across post-18 education, business and academia chaired by Philip Augar, a leading author and former non-executive director of the Department for Education.

Welcoming the review, Tamworth’s MP Christopher Pincher said: “The number of students choosing to enter post-18 education continues to rise and it is important that they are supported in the decisions they make when deciding which are of study they wish to pursue.

“The Prime Minister’s post-18 education review will help to do this and encourage more students to enter further education at 18, thus creating a better educated and more skilled workforce for the UK in the future.”

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