Local group knit the community together

Tuesday, 12th June 2018

A TAMWORTH knitting and crochet group have donated over 150 woollen items to local hospitals and nursing homes in just one day!

Tamworth Knitting and Crocheting Club meet at the Sunset Close Community Room on Monday afternoons between 12.00pm and 3.00pm last week we went along to see them.

On the day, the group donated 158 items to Sir Robert Peel Hospital, Burton Queens Hospital and Samuel Johnson Hospital.  These items were: 

  • 45 premature baby items including bootees, hats, cardigans, blankets
  • 3 lap blankets for wheelchair users
  • 10 shrugs to put around your shoulders
  • 50 twiddle muffs (which included 5 designed for autistic children)
  • 7 small blankets
  • 14 large blankets
  • 3 extra-large blankets
  • 7 pairs of adult mittens
  • 11 adult hats
  • 4 knitted scarves
  • 1 knitted cardigan
  • 3 twiddle blankets

The items were handed over to Mr Chris Maddox (Community Partnerships & Charities Manager) and Rachel Hughes (Surgical staff nurse) from Queens Hospital Burton.

In addition to the donations to hospitals; nursing homes, residential homes or outreach centres across Staffordshire can also benefit from the donations and can make requests for specific items.

Dianne Hughes, Tenant Regulation & Involvement Assistant at Tamworth Borough Council told Tamworth Informed:

“I still feel slightly overwhelmed as I hadn’t realised just how much we had collected.  My husband said he’s pleased we’ve got a room back!

“People can request blankets, twiddle muffs by contacting myself by telephone 01827 709374 or email: diane-hughes@tamworth.gov.uk

“They can also donated knitted squares, knit blankets, crochet blankets or any of the items as listed above or even donate wool.

“It is important to note that people only get involved in as much or as little as suits them.  A huge thank you to everyone involved. Tamworth tenants and residents are amazing.”