Life-changing hypnotherapy leads to new career path for Tamworth man

February 15, 2016

A TAMWORTH man who had life-changing hypnotherapy was so impressed with his treatment that he has now become a qualified hypnotherapist to help others in a similar situation.

Mario Gauci tried hypnotherapy as a last resort after the anger problems he had suffered for many years started having a serious impact on his life.

“I had a really bad temper as a child and this continued into my adult life. I used to fly into rages at the smallest of issues and smash things up. It started causing trouble in my relationship and almost cost me my job and I decided enough was enough,” Mario said.

It was then that a work colleague suggested hypnotherapy as a possible anger management solution. Mario had just three sessions around four years ago and his life was changed.

“The hypnotherapy has changed me completely. I still get annoyed about things, we all do, but I no longer fly into uncontrollable rages. The most important thing it’s done is given me self-respect.”

The 50-year-old hospital porter was so impressed that he decided to change direction and become a hypnotherapist himself.

Mario trained with the international Hypnotic World academy and has now set up his own practice called MG Hypnotherapy in a Tamworth town centre studio based in Silver Street.

He has treated a number of people for issues including lack of confidence, insomnia and chronic pain and can also help with problems such as phobias, weight loss, anger management and smoking.

“My anger was a learned behaviour; I grew up with it and had to realise it was a problem before I could deal with the issue, and it’s the same with most things. Treatment involves finding out what is at the root cause of a problem before reinforcing positive messages on a subconscious level.

“It’s not like stage hypnosis, people will simply find themselves in a deeply relaxed state.”

Mario became a qualified hypnotherapist

Mario became a qualified hypnotherapist

Mario is thoroughly enjoying his new found passion and is looking forward to helping more people make changes in their lives.

“I thoroughly enjoy what I’m doing. I like seeing a change in people, especially when they thought their behaviour couldn’t be changed,” he said.

Mario will be out and about in St Editha’s Square in Tamworth town centre on Saturday, March 5 – ahead of national No Smoking Day on March 9 – when he will be helping smokers to kick the habit.

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking usually consists of one session with a follow-up a few weeks later. Mario can be contacted on 07528 326201 for more information or people can visit the website

“As long as people want to give up smoking, hypnotherapy reinforces that desire on a subconscious level. Afterwards patients should no longer feel the need or desire to smoke,” Mario added.