Minister for International Trade speaks to us about Staffordshire

Tuesday, 30th October 2018

IN WESTMINSTER today, Tuesday 30 October, our County is being celebrated at a special ‘Celebrate Staffordshire’ event.

The event has bought together local businesses and politicians to showcase what the County has to offer.  A number of Government Ministers also dropped in to the event and so we took the opportunity to speak to them.

In the first of our interviews, Midlands Media Award finalist, Edna, spoke to Dr Liam Fox MP who is the minister for international trade.  Dr Fox told us that the West Midlands region was one of the best performing export areas from the whole of the UK.

When questioned about the down turn of sales at Jaguar Landrover and the effect this may have on employees from Tamworth, Dr Fox said that he is going to China on Friday and that JLR are travelling with him, along with a number of other British companies to promote their exports to China.  It is hoped that this may secure some jobs.

Speaking on Brexit, Dr Fox was not clear on whether he thought we will get the right agreement from the European Union but said that we had every reason to stay positive.

We will be bringing you more interviews over the coming days; including Christopher Pincher MP, Michael Fabricant MP and Michael Gove MP. Make sure you check back.