Knife point robbery at Tamworth Pub

Monday, 24th November 2014

ARMED men held a knife to the throat of a pub manager and then left him tied up before fleeing with the contents of the safe during a robbery last week.

Two men, armed with knives were responsible for the robbery at the popular Tamworth Arms pub on Lichfield Street which is also known to locals as ‘The Bottom House’ in the late evening of Thursday last week, November 20th.

The manager of the Lichfield Street pub who wishes not to be named due to the ordeal was finishing up for the night and getting ready to lock up when the raiders struck at approximately 1045pm.

He was taking the rubbish bags and bottle bin out to the back of the pub where the robbers were waiting for him outside, they grabbed him around the neck and dragged him back in to the kitchen where they held a knife to his throat and demanded to know if there was anyone else on the premises.

The armed men then dragged him in to the bar at knife point where they forced him to his knees and continued to hold the knife to his throat whilst they emptied the till of the days takings.

Raiders then made the manager take them to the safe which they emptied, taking a what is described as a ‘considerable amount of money’.  They then tied him up with tape in the office before fleeing the location.

It is believed that the offenders were waiting out of view of the CCTV cameras as he was not aware of them previously.

The offenders are described as white men, one wearing a blue hooded top and jeans, described as being short and stocky with the other wearing a black hooded top with grey tracksuit bottoms, described as tall and slim.  Both men were wearing gloves and balaclavas.

Ian Walker, the owner of The Tamworth Arms has told Tamworth Informed:  “This has effected all the staff that work here and have worked here for a long time, everyone is scared and very wary.

“We have a lot of good regular customers that use this pub and a lot of residents staying here that have been here for some time. Everyone is disgusted that two thugs can cause this much upset.

“The manager is holding it together as best he can, being held at knife point doesn’t disappear from your memory overnight, having watched the CCTV coverage I can see why he is struggling. I am truly shocked.”

The pub has now increased it’s security and changed its procedures.   Ian has told us: “They will not get away with it again!”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Staffordshire Police on 101 or pass information anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.