Key stage 2 successes for Staffordshire pupils

Thursday, 27th August 2015

PRIMARY school children in Staffordshire have yet again made improvements at Key Stage 2, with initial results showing an increase in reading, writing and maths.

According to the latest provisional figures released by the Department for Education, 11 year olds across the county are making marked improvements in the tests and teacher assessments.

With writing, reading and maths combined, at 80 percent of Staffordshire pupils gained at least the expected level in all three subjects, an improvement on last year of 3 percentage points. This also means Staffordshire is now above the national average.

Most pupils are expected to obtain a level 4 at Key Stage 2. Initial results show that in Staffordshire, 87percent of pupils achieved at least the expected level in writing, up from 86 percent last year. In maths, levels are now at 87 percent, up from 84 percent last year. Reading is up 2 per cent to 89%.

By far the biggest increase has been in grammar, punctuation and spelling, which is up by 7 percentage points on last year. 80 percent of pupils achieved at least a level 4, compared to 73 percent last year.

Verified figures will be published later in the year, but according to Ben Adams, Staffordshire County Council’s learning and skills lead, these results show that working jointly with schools to focus on improving standards in the county is paying off.

Ben said: “These initial results are looking very promising, and I am pleased that improvements have been made across reading, writing and maths.

“Working with schools, and along with our school improvement partner Entrust, we have put in a lot of support to help raise standards. We provide tailored support across a wide range of subjects including English and Maths, along with support on assessment and monitoring, and improving teaching and learning. We also encourage schools to form partnerships with others to ensure they are making the most of local expertise and experience.

“We want to ensure all pupils in Staffordshire are given a solid foundation on which to build upon in future years, both in education and ultimately in employment. I am pleased we seem to be consistent in improving results, but we want to go further and move faster to collectively raise standards even more.

“These results show that Staffordshire schools are definitely moving in the right direction. We want to ensure that every child in Staffordshire has the opportunity to attend an excellent school, fulfil their potential and be equipped with the skills and knowledge to lead fulfilling lives and rewarding careers.”