‘Just Charlie’ feature film to be shot in Tamworth

Monday, 3rd August 2015

Football star Charlie is a girl trapped in the body of a boy. Rejected by her father and teammates, will she ever play football again.

Just Charlie is a feature film being shot in Tamworth in October and November 2015. The film is destined for High End Film Festivals and a Cinema / TV release in Europe and The USA.

Just Charlie is a film about chasing your dreams, accepting the unknown and the misunderstood, because – sometimes – the rules of how to love, what you can do, and who you should be, are meant to be broken.

This is not just an ordinary coming of age tale. Charlie is a girl who is divided between a need to live up to her father’s expectations, and a need to be true to herself. Just Charlie shows how an all-consuming need to acknowledge your own identity can help an individual to find the inner strength to stand up for what they believe.

Director Rebekah Fortune was born and bred in Tamworth and continues to return every year to direct TACT English National Champions in their one act festival plays. She now directs TV and Film and was passionate about shooting Just Charlie in her hometown.

As part of our casting process we will be working with top Casting Director and former head of BBC Casting Jane Deitch. Jane will be running 2 days of open auditions in Tamworth on 15th and 16th August in order to find our young lead actor Charlie and several supporting leads. We are specifically looking for the following at this stage. This process will be over the whole weekend for the successful candidates and more recalls will happen at a later date. Filming will be for 3 weeks from 18th October 2015 so all candidates must be fully available, licences and permissions with the education authorities will be secured, but applications from those over compulsory school age are very welcome.

Charlie Male or Female to play our lead role, this is an incredibly challenging and difficult role and requires and exceptional young actor. The subject matter is complex and requires sensitivity and a maturity beyond the characters years. Charlie is transgender: although born in to the body of a boy Charlie is a girl. We are looking for actors who can convincingly play 14, but can be older. Androgynous, basic footballing skills would be useful but not essential. Boys should have unbroken voices and girls must be prepared to have their hair cut short. Would love to hear from any transgender actors.

Tommy: Male, 14 Tommy is the typical mickey-taking, best mate. He likes Charlie more than he lets on and is troubled by Charlie’s lack of communication as Charlie begins her transition. When Tommy finds out that Charlie is now playing for a girls team and starts to publicly dress as a girl he feels utterly rejected. He is also a keen footballer and though good is not at quite the level Charlie is at. Tommy enjoys the fact that they are a Batman and Robin like partnership.More sensitive than he lets on

Sophie; Female: 15/16 Sophie is a strong and loud teenage girl. She is also the star player at a very good local girls team. She builds a playing partnership and friendship with Charlie and, in some ways, becomes a replacement for Tommy.  Unlike some of the other girls at the team she is interested in finding out who this boy/girl is.

We will also be looking out for people to play smaller roles during this casting process. Anyone interested please email justcharliecasting@yahoo.co.uk with your name, email address and role you are applying for. You will then be allocated an audition time.

We are looking to involve as many local actors as possible and will be sending out a casting call for local professional actors along with a breakdown for extras etc at a later date. We would also be very interested to hear from Local professional Film crew or anyone studying film aged over 18 who may want an internship position. Please contact seahorsefilms@yahoo.co.uk