It’s a ‘blue wash’ in Tamworth

Friday, 8th May 2015

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TAMWORTH has seen a ‘Blue Wash’ since the doors to the Polling Stations closed at 10pm last night, maintaining a Conservative MP and Conservative controlled Borough Council.

Christopher Pincher who was elected as the Member of Parliament for Tamworth in 2010 was successfully re-elected, taking just short of 50% of the vote (23,606) compared to the 45.8% (21,238) he received in 2010.  This widened his majority from just 6,090 in 2010 to 11,3o2 this year.

Other parties also saw an increase in the Parliamentary Elections, UKIP increased their share of the votes from 4.9% in 2010 to 18.5% this year.

Liberal Democrats dropped massively from 16.2% to just 3%, a pattern that has been mimicked nationally and labour reduced their share from 32.7% to just 26.1%

Nicola Holmes from the Green Party made their first appearance this year and gained 2.4% of the votes, finishing just 317 votes short of the Lib Dems.

Borough Council

On the Borough Council, the Conservative Group also did well, successfully fighting their existing seats and gaining an extra two from Labour. Labour did however managed to win a seat off an independent for Glascote, meaning their overall loss was just one.

The result means that the Council remains in the control of the Conservative Group who now hold 18 seats to Labours 12 and the one from UKIP.

The full breakdown of the Borough Council results can be seen here.


Locally, the Tamworth Constituency is surrounded by a sea of blue, with the Conservative Party holding Parliamentary seats in Nuneaton, North Warwickshire, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Cannock Chase, South Derbyshire and Burton.

The North Warwickshire result being one of the biggest shocks of the night for the polls, with the previous majority being just  54.