Inspector to hold initial meeting on Local Plan

Tuesday, 17th March 2015

A PUBLIC meeting on Tamworth’s Local Plan – the blueprint for housing and employment development in the borough up until 2031 – is being held on Friday March 27.

The Pre-Hearing Meeting will introduce the Inspector, Mike Fox, who is to examine the Local Plan in detail to determine whether it is sound and complies with all legal requirements.

The criteria for a Local Plan to be judged sound are whether the Plan’s policies are positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy.

At the Pre-Hearing Meeting, the Inspector will set out in detail the format and scope of the Local Plan examination, his role, a list of matters and issues to be covered, the timetable for the examination, dates of hearings and arrangements for site visits.

There will also be an opportunity for interested parties to put questions to the Inspector and for him to ask questions.

The meeting, which begins at 10am at Tamworth Assembly Rooms on Friday March 27, is open to members of the public to attend and observe proceedings.

Following the Pre-Hearing Meeting, a series of hearing sessions and site visits will be carried out by the Inspector in June.

More information and regular updates are available from the Examination page of Tamworth Borough Council’s website on

The Local Plan was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate in February this year, following a series of consultation events which gave members of the public and interested parties a chance to look at the Plan and submit their responses.

Councillor Steve Claymore, Cabinet member for Economy & Education, said: “Tamworth is expected to experience a high level of growth in the next few years, and we need to be able to identify and provide the necessary housing, employment, infrastructure and retail to allow the borough to fulfil its full potential.

“It is vital for the future growth and development of Tamworth that we have a Local Plan in place which can meet the needs of the borough and this Pre-Hearing Meeting will help to move the Local Plan on to the next stage.”

The evidence base for the Local Plan shows that Tamworth has a need of at least 6,250 new homes over the lifetime of the plan, but due to development constraints, such as Green Belt and extensive flood zones, only 4,250 can be accommodated within Tamworth. This is approximately 170 new homes a year.

Work has been ongoing with Lichfield and North Warwickshire Council’s for them to help provided 2,000 new homes needed for Tamworth outside of the borough.