Election candidates thank voters for their support

Wednesday, 9th May 2018

THREE candidates from the recent Tamworth Borough Council elections have asked us to pass on their thanks to the voting public of Tamworth by issuing personal statements.

Tony Madge who stood as an independent candidate in the Stonydelph Ward had this to say:

I would like to thank the residents of Stonydelph for their help and support during the last four years that I have represented them as a Tamworth Borough Councillor for Stonydelph. During these four years I have made many new friends in Stonydelph and helped where I can not only with local issues but also tackling concerns that affected Tamworth as a whole. I have and will remain committed to seeing Sir Robert Peel Hospital grow the services it offers the local population and I do hope that the Urgent Care Center which would offer a step up service from our superb Minor Injuries Unit does materialise as this would really be a step in the right direction. I know we as a Town deserve better health provisions and that includes the mental health services that we also need to see improved and not cut.

My time as a Councillor has opened my eyes to how a Council works and serves the community, I would like to thank the Council Officers and other Councillors for their patience and time to answer the many questions I asked of them as I worked to fulfil the role of supporting the local residents of Stonydelph and Tamworth.

Most if all I need to thank the residents of Stonydelph for putting their trust in me to carry out the work that was done on their behalf during my time on the Council. I hope that I repaid that trust with the work I committed to. As I live in the area I am sure you will see me walking around with Saxon and I look forward to chatting with you. Meeting people in Stonydelph and talking about ideas, concerns etc was always one of the most interesting parts of being a locally based Councillor

Finally I would like to wish Marie Bailey who will replace me on the Council as the newly elected Conservative Councillor for Stonydelph all the very best for her term, I have met Marie many times and I know she will work hard for Stonydelph, she will join Stephen Doyle and Robert Bilcliff as the Councillors on Stonydelph and I know all three are committed to the role and will do Stonydelph proud.

Thank you again for originally electing me in 2014 for what has been both a busy and enlightening four years. It has been a pleasure to carry out the role on behalf of the residents.

I wish you all well for the future.

– Tony Madge

Pre-election video from Tony Madge

Huw Loxton who stood as an independent candidate in the Spital Ward had this to say:

Firstly I want to thank all the election staff at Tamworth Borough Council and all the people involved in the election from polling station staff to those at the count. Without you these events could not go ahead or run as smoothly as they do so thank you. I would also like to congratulate and say well done to all those who were elected and also to all those that put themselves up for election.

To the 15,737 people who used their vote across Tamworth on Thursday thank you for taking the time to do so and for making your voice heard. To the 423 people who voted for me on the Spital Ward thank you so much, it really did mean the world to me. Short of the day my children were born and my wedding day, last Thursday was the proudest day of my life and something I will always be proud of. I went in to the count with my head held high and left with my head held high. I am proud of the campaign I ran and I hope that some of my ideas and beliefs will resonate with people and mean more independent candidates stand in Tamworth in the future.

That being said there should also be a feeling of sadness from anyone involved in the election. The fact that 36,181 people across Tamworth did not go out and use their vote should be something anyone involved in politics should be looking to address no matter where their political beliefs may lie. Why are these people not voting?

The behaviour of some people within politics falls massively short of where it should be and in my view that is why some people are switched off by it – it certainly is the case for me. Just because someone is a member of or supports a certain political party doesn’t automatically make them a bad person. We should all be doing more to engage with each other and listen to and respect others views, we all want what is best for our town and by working together we can achieve so much more. The entire population of Tamworth could easily fit into Wembley Stadium so surely we can all try and get along and respect each other.

I haven’t decided whether I will stand again yet, there is both a financial cost of having to produce leaflets and campaign material and also a massive impact on your time. I have to think of my family and they will always come first. That being said I will continue to work across the ward up until I make the decision. I will continue to engage and do whatever I can to help. This is about all of us and our community and we all have a part to play in that. If I can continue to help some of you and make our ward a little bit nicer for us all then I will continue to do so. My Facebook page will remain active for information and nearer the time I will decide whether to put myself forward again and put it on the page. In the meantime thank you again for your votes and the conversations we have had. The people of Tamworth truly are a great bunch on the whole and we should all be proud of our town but continue to strive to make it even better and ensure that future generations can enjoy it.

– Huw Loxton

Pre-election video from Huw Loxton

Matt Davies who stood as a Liberal Democrat candidate in the Castle Ward had this to say:

Firstly I would like to sincerely thank the near 10% of voters in Castle Ward who voted Liberal Democrat. I am honoured that you chose to put your trust in me and will continue to build on this near 4x increase in our vote share and fight for a liberal voice in our town.

I congratulate all candidates for caring enough about our town and their cause to stand. It takes real belief and strength to do so. I urge local voters to match this commitment and go out and vote at every election.

And of course I wish Ben Price well on winning in Castle Ward. Having spoken with him at the count, I know he will do his best for our ward even if we disagree on a few things.

Thanks again for your votes, let’s build on this together for 2019.

– Matt Davies

Pre-election video from Matt Davies

All parties and independent candidates were approached to ask if they wanted to issue statements.