How to fake it as Queen tribute prepares for Tamworth Fake Festival

Tuesday, 27th June 2017

FLASH, the leading tribute to Queen, give an insight into their fake life as the legendary band, as they prepare to play Tamworth Fake Festival at the Castle Grounds on Saturday 26th August, along with tributes to Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The band say it was almost inevitable they would form the act: “We have all been inspired by Queen from a young age and naturally that inspiration and enjoyment of their work has steered our own musical development and ability. In all other groups we’ve individually been a part of over the years we’ve always, where possible, included some Queen songs. So taking that to the next level and solely performing Queen music was very much a natural progression and, if nothing else, just pure joy for all of us.

“Each individual member of Flash was inspired musically by their original Queen counterpart and together we all bring our abilities together to hopefully try and recreate the energy that made Queen shows so special.”

As well as this inspiration, the band have all shown their dedication to being part of the act: “All current members have at some stage been involved with other Queen tribute shows and were all approached and chosen for Flash for their unique ability in portraying their original Queen counterparts. Sharing the same ambition and dedication, we have joined forces to pay tribute to the musical legacy of Freddie Mercury and Queen with a ‘best of the best’ tribute group.”

The secret to their success is not just in the music, but also their attention to detail with the whole show for fans. The band said: “We all take our individual roles within the group very seriously, so not only does every member have authentic costumes but also has equipment and instruments identical to those of Queen to add to the visuals of the show. Costumes are taken seriously and we have a clothes designer that has done work for Queen and keep her busy with demands for new pieces and replacements as they get worn out.”

“We are extremely lucky to say that we are part of the Fake Festival tour and have been since 2013. Not only is it an amazing experience, but it’s a real privilege that I know many other tribute acts can only wish for. Working alongside the Fake Festivals team is like being a part of a super-large extended family, albeit a very strange family that has these weekly reunions in all sorts of locations around the country. The hardest part of the tour is always when it ends in September – although the party is huge!”

“We love having Flash on the Fake Festivals tour and they have become an iconic part of our line-up in recent years,” says Jez Lee, owner of Fake Festivals. “They never fail to put on a great show, with songs that everyone knows and loves – the Tamworth crowd are going to have a fantastic time.”

Early Bird tickets are on sale until midnight on 26th July and are priced as follows:

  • Adult £18.00
  • Young Person (10-17 years) £10.00
  • Family £46.00
  • Children 0-9 years FREE

Tickets can be purchased directly through the Fake Festivals website at

Along with Flash, Four Fighters and Really Hot Chili Peppers will also be performing at Tamworth Fake Festival, as well as five local support bands.

For more information and ticket sales, please visit