How many survived Tamworth’s Zombie Apocalypse?

November 2, 2014

TERROR stalked the streets of Tamworth last Friday night, when the town centre was over-run by the undead.

A sell-out crowd of 140 brave people took part in the first-ever Zombie Apocalypse – which saw them try to avoid the horrific zombie hordes as they made their way between ‘safe zones’ in the town centre.

A total of 90 people survived the ordeal – but 50 were ‘infected’ by the zombies and didn’t make it!

Zombie Apocalypse was staged by Tamworth Borough Council’s Arts & Events team and Tamworth Castle, in partnership with Fired Up Theatre and Tamworth Repertory Company, who provided the zombies and other actors for the night’s scenario. The Zombie Control Unit cars were kindly provided for the night by Chamber Hyundai.

It all started at Tamworth Town Hall, where participants were greeted by military personnel and told that the town was in the grip of a zombie takeover. Even Mayor of Tamworth, Cllr Richard Kingstone, had been captured by the zombies and infected.

The group were then led to Tamworth Castle, where they were told there was an antidote to the virus – but the zombies were out to stop them…

Participants fled the Castle to the evacuation point in the Activity Centre, and were set tasks along the way to collect survival kits and rescue captured military officers.

Throughout the Apocalypse, zombies were trying to infect participants – touching them to leave washable paint on their clothes which showed up under UV light.

The night ended with a Halloween Ball at Tamworth Assembly Rooms – which was open to infected and non-infected alike!

Feedback from those who took part showed the event to be a massive success – with a lot of people calling for it to be repeated next year.

Some of the comments after the Zombie Apocalypse included; ‘Was amazing, please do it again next year’; ‘Totally brilliant, had a great time’; Great fun, would do it again’; ‘Brilliant night’.

Staff from the Arts & Events team and the castle are now evaluating the success of the Zombie Apocalypse – which may return next year.

Cllr Rob Pritchard, Tamworth Borough Council Deputy Leader, said: “The Zombie Apocalypse event was such a success that we are looking to repeat it again next year and I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who took part.

“The more people take up our outdoor events, the more likely we are to run them again in the following year. Like the St George’s Day, outdoor cinema and other popular events, we can repeat them year after year. We are determined to support the town centre and outdoor events are a key part of our plan.”



Did you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?


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