Several house fires spark new safety warning

Tuesday, 15th January 2019

STAFFORDSHIRE Fire and Rescue Service is urging the public to be mindful of home safety after several fires in the County over the weekend.

Crews from Biddulph and Sandyford attended a cooking fire on Saturday, January 13, at 4.15pm. The Service was called after a smoke alarm alerted an elderly couple to a fire in their home on Mossfield Drive.

The pair had been cooking with a chip pan and had left it unattended when the fire started. They evacuated the property straight away and called the fire service.

Station Manager Ed Case said: “Fortunately the couple did exactly what we tell the public to do. They heard the smoke alarm and realised there was a fire before leaving the house and calling us.

“There is significant fire damage to the kitchen of the property and the rest of the house has been damaged by smoke.

“The couple were checked by ambulance staff as a precaution but thankfully neither of them sustained any injuries.

“This incident serves as a stark reminder not to leave cooking unattended and to turn it off when you are finished. The occupiers were using an old fashioned chip pan which contributed to this fire. We always recommend using a thermostat controlled deep fat fryer as these are far safer.

“The working smoke alarms played a huge role in ensuring this couple got out to safety as they were alerted at the earliest opportunity. This is why we ask all residents to ensure they have working smoke alarms on every floor and test them regularly.”

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The Service attended another cooker fire at about 5.50pm on Friday, January 11, on Wileman Street in Fenton. Firefighters from Hanley and Newcastle attended and found the incident was caused by burnt food.

Crews from Longton and Hanley were also called to Ulverston Road, in Blurton, on January 12 at 12.05pm to a cooker fire which was fortunately out when the firefighters arrived. There was no significant damage to the property. 

For more home and cooking safety visit or call the FREE Community Advice Team on 0800 0241 999.