He has made his list! When will you see Santa this year?

Monday, 1st December 2014

TAMWORTH Round Table and Rotary Club of Tamworth have announced their routes for their annual charity Santa Sleigh collections, and this year it begins on 4th December.

This years routes will run for over two weeks and take the team right up to Monday December 22. As an added bonus this year, as well as taking their sleigh around the streets, Tamworth Round Table will also be giving you the opportunity to visit them, with static locations in the Town Centre, Odeon Cinema,  Toys R us and Morrisons.

All of the persons involved on the charity sleighs, from Santa and Rudolph to his his collector Elf’s are all volunteers who give up their free time to raise money for local charities.  Because of this the routes have to be limited due to the amount of time they can give, between other commitments and children going to bed.  Some roads and streets are also out of bounds to Santa and his sleigh due to the size of the vehicles used.

Money collected from the Santa Sleigh Collection is distributed to local charities who can apply throughout the year for funds.

So here they are; you better watch out and you better not cry, this is when you can see Santa with either Tamworth Round Table or Rotary Club of Tamworth.

Thursday, December 4:
Fazeley, the Reliant estate and Drayton Bassett: Starting at The Bulls Head at Two Gates, Santa will visit all roads off Tom Williams Way, Bletchley Drive. All roads off Lichfield Street to Broomfield Avenue. All roads off Coleshill Street, and Coleshill Road, then all roads in Drayton Bassett.

Riverside Estate: 6pm until 9pm: Helmingham, Charsworth Riverside Estate, Buckingham Road and all roads off, Tame Meadow Estate.

Friday, December 5:
Lakeside, Manor Road Glascote Road to New Street: 6pm to 9pm. All roads off Leyland Road, Dumolo’s Lane, then onto Glascote Road, taking in all roads to New Street, except Argyle Street, including Clifford Street, Claremount Drive, East View, Beech Avenue and Neville Street. New Street, St Johns Street, and Bamford Street.

Belgrave Part 1: 6pm to 9pm. Birds Bush Road, all roads off, plus Wilnecote Lane, Ashleigh Drive and Parkside: 6pm until 9pm.

Saturday, December 6:
Brindley Drive Amington North and Amington Golf Estate: 6pm until 9pm. All roads off Brindley Drive, Bracklesham Way, Old Tamworth Road, Bypass Road, Repington Road North, Chandlers Drive, Carnoustie and Eagle Drive.

Sunday, December 7:
Silverlink and all Roads off: 5pm until 9pm.

Saturday, December 6 and Sunday, December 7:
STATIC – Odean Cinema and Morrisons

Dosthill: 4.30pm until 8.30pm both nights. Dosthill Road, High Street, Blackwood Road, Cottage Farm Road, Welford Road, Sefton Road and all other roads off.

Monday, December 8:
Coton Green: 6pm to 9pm. Coton Green, Fontenaye Road and all roads off.

Tuesday, December 9:
The Leys: 6pm to 9pm. The Leys, Moor Street, Halford Close, Freville Close, Ludgate and all roads off. Albert Road, Marmion Street, Victoria Road.

Wednesday, December 10:
Mildenhall: 6pm to 9pm. Mildenhall and all roads off, Wigginton Road, Ashby Road, Browns Lane and Perrycrofts.

Thursday, December 11:
Brooke Avenue, Lakeland, Falcon and Pennymoor: 6pm until 9pm. Brooke Avenue, Brambling, Stoneydelph Lane, Curlew, Lakeland Drive and all roads off. Falcon and Pennymoor Road and all roads off.

Wilnecote: 6pm until 9pm. Overwoods Road, Turf Street, Gorsy Bank Road, Tamar Road and all roads off.

Friday, December 12:
Castle Gate, Marlborough Park, Tame Village and Peel Drive Wilnecote: 6pm to 9pm. Lindores Road and all roads off. Valley Drive and all roads off. Peel Drive and Palmerston Avenue.

Gillway: 6pm to 9pm. Gillway and all roads within Comberford Road, Gillway Lane and Wigginton Village.

Saturday, December 13:
Woodlands Road and all roads off: 6pm until 9pm. Abelia, Briar, Brookweed, Clematis, Cornel, Foxglove, Greenheart, Harebell, Hornbeam, Juniper, then Kerrier and all roads off from Madrona to Spruce.

Sunday, December 14:
Acorn Ridge: 5pm until 9pm. Chiltern Road and all roads off, plus, Ealingham, Edale, Ellerbeck, Eringden, and all roads off and Crowden and all roads off.

Saturday, December 13 and Sunday 14:
STATIC – 10am – 3pm – Toys R us

Polesworth: 4.30pm to 8.30pm both nights. Roman Way, Coppice Drive, Birchwood Avenue, Whitehouse Road, Bardon View Road, St Leonard’s, St Editha’s and Anker View, Chetwynd Avenue, Riding Garden, Morris Hill, Chaytor Road, Potters Lane, Park Lane and all roads off, St Helena, Grendon Road, Bridge Street, Rickyard Close, Pooley View, Greenway, Rowland Avenue, Windsor Road, Goodyear Drive, Station Road, Bear Lane Close, Nethersole Street and all roads off. High Street, Market Street, Fairfields Hill, Dexter Way and all roads off. The Gullet to Ensor Drive then all roads off.

Monday, December 15:
Two Gates and Park Farm Lodge, Park Farm and Tamworth Road: 6pm to 9pm. Tamworth Road, Kettlebrook and all roads off, including Christopher Drive and Park Farm Road.

STATIC – Primary Schools

Belgrave Part 2: 6pm to 9pm. Field Farm Road and all roads off.

Tuesday, December 16:
Malham Road and all roads off, Fossdale and all roads off: 6pm until 9pm.

Wilnecote/Hockley: 6pm to 9pm. Overwoods Road, Turf Street, Gorsy Bank Road, Tamar Road and all roads off.

Wednesday, December 17:
Bolehall Arches to June Crescent, via Summerfield: 6pm to 9pm. Amington Road and all roads off, including Manor Road, Summerfield, Moor lane, Leedham Avenue and all roads off. June Crescent, Longfield Close and Thomas Street and all roads off.

Mile Oak: 6pm to 9pm. Bonehill and all roads – then Fallow Road onto Dama Road onto Reindeer Road onto Samba Rd, back onto Reindeer Road, around to Deer Park Road – then Manor Road to Brookside Road to Coronation Avenue to Price Avenue, then Affleck Avenue – Then Allton Avenue to French Avenue – then George Avenue – then Gainsborough Drive and all roads off.

Thursday, December 18:
Kettlebrook and Glascote to Cincinnati: 6pm to 9pm. Campion Drive and all roads off, Kettlebrook Road and all roads off, and Glascote Road. All roads off Blythe Street, Southwick Drive and Basin Lane. Arbor Close, Abbey Road and all roads off.

Friday, December 19:
Glascote, Sheepcote Lane to New Street: 6pm until 9pm. Sheepcote Lane and all Roads off, Argyle Street and all Roads off and Torc Avenue.

STATIC – Town Centre Collection

Saturday, December 20:
County Drive and Fazeley Road: 6pm until 9pm. County Drive and all roads off, Willowbank, Fazeley Road, Bitterscote Lane and all roads off.

STATIC – Morrisons, Wilnecote

Sunday, December 21:
The Leyfields: 5pm to 9pm. Salters Lane, Masefield Drive and all roads off, including Chesterton Way, Thackeray Drive, Shelly Road, Milton Avenue, Clifton Avenue and all roads off. Then Claremont Road, Telford Road and all roads off.

Monday, December 22:
Tamworth Road and old Amington: 6pm to 9pm. Quince, Sorrell and all roads off. Woodhouse Lane, Repington Road South, Ridgewood Rise, Tilia Road and Trefoil and Lindera. Sharpe Street, Ingram Pitt Lane, Florendine Street, Sheepcote lane to Monks Way, Tamworth Road and all roads off, between Argyle St and Mercia Way.