Hand Grenade and German Missile in Tamworth Homes

February 4, 2014

A Hand Grenade has been discovered today in the loft of an address is Dosthill.  There was also a World War II German Missile discovered in a loft at another Tamworth Address on Sunday Afternoon.


Royal Logistics Corps Bomb Disposal Officers at the Address tonight.

Looks like we will all have to take extra care when clearing out our lofts in the future following the discovery of explosives in the lofts of two Tamworth addresses.

The device discovered today is believed to be a World War II memento and was discovered by a Dosthill Family whilst clearing out their loft.

The discovery of the explosive lead to Police being called to the address to secure the device.

Bomb Disposal Officers from The Royal Logistics Corps arrived shortly before 9pm this evening and have taken the device away for disposal.

WWII German Missile Discovered in Loft

The WWII ‘German Missile’, discovered in the loft of a Tamworth address

Tonight another has contacted us saying that whilst clearing out the loft of their family home on Sunday afternoon they discovered what has been described as a WWII German Missile.

Police were also called to this address but it was established by specialist firearms officers that the device had been decommissioned so there was no need for the Bomb Disposal teams on this occasion.


Similar Discoveries?
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