Fun on the water despite the cold!

Friday, 4th December 2015

ALTHOUGH it’s cold outside there is still plenty of fun to be had in the great outdoors: “It might be getting colder but we are still out on the water!” say Central SUP.

The great thing about SUP (Stand up Paddelboarding) is that it can be done all year around if you make the right preparations. Central SUP HQ are still running club paddles and lessons on Sunday mornings.

They may be a bit shorter than normal but its still enough time to get your water fix anyway!

In addition to that they are also doing a lot of planning over the winter period to make Central SUP even better for you.  You can expect more from the club including a calendar of events and trips as well as MORE club paddles.

They have two sites that you can paddle from at Cliff lakes and Tamworth Castle grounds offering a variety of conditions for every level of paddler, and if its too windy then we can crack out our land paddle kit and have a good old skate around the castle grounds.

Their new shop and website are being developed as we speak and they will be relaunching in the Spring with with some very exciting news, but for now, they are keeping their lips sealed!

In the meantime they have some amazing bargains on both Starboard and Red Paddle Co 2014 and 2015 boards, so If you are looking for a Christmas present then get in touch and let them help you to get the absolute best and most suitable kit.

Central SUP recently held a club meeting and they would like to welcome some new volunteers to the club, they are Dave, Sue, Dave, Neil and Tiff. These guys will be helping out with the club to make it even better than before !

So in the meantime please get in touch with them for anything SUP related.  Just email or head over to