Find out more about flood protection at county campaign event

Wednesday, 9th May 2018

PEOPLE in Tamworth and surrounding areas can find out more about how they can better prepare for flooding and protect their properties at a town centre event next week.

Tamworth’s Market Square will hold the Floods Happen awareness event from 10am to 2pm next Thursday May 17, where representatives from the county council, Environment Agency, civil contingencies unit and the National Flood Forum will be on hand to offer advice.

The Floods Happen campaign aims to ensure people protect themselves by being better prepared for floods and how to act in the event of a flooding incident. This could include advice on how to turn off utilities, getting a grab bag ready, having a designated area to go to if people are evacuated and creating a household flood plan.

In addition, if communities are interested in setting up a flood action group in their areas then advice can be provided about this and further visits can be arranged.

Anyone can sign up to receive free flood warnings at

Tamworth and Fazeley are both areas that are protected from river flooding by flood defences, however, if these were to over-top or fail in some way, they will not be protected. Residents need to understand the ways that they can prepare to ensure that the risk to themselves and their communities are reduced.

There are six flood warning areas in Tamworth which include 3,192 properties. Only 432 of these are fully signed up to the Flood Warning Service (13.5%). In Tamworth, there are also 1,700 addresses at risk from surface water flooding.

In Fazeley, there are two flood warning areas which include 407 properties. Just 159 of these are fully signed up to the Flood Warning Service (39%). There are 60 addresses at risk from surface water flooding.

The campaign team is planning to deliver flood awareness sessions to high schools in Tamworth. Any interested schools are being asked to get in touch by emailing

Staffordshire County Council’s communities leader Gill Heath said: “Flooding is, unfortunately, a problem which can hit parts of Staffordshire quite hard and so it is important that we are as prepared as we can be and know how to act.

“The Floods Happen campaign is a combined effort by the county council, Environment Agency, civil contingencies unit and National Flood Forum. Next week’s event will enable people to familiarise themselves with the actions they need to take to protect themselves and their properties in the event of a flood.

“This is about making Staffordshire a safer place and the campaign will be rolled out to other areas affected by floods afterwards.”

The Floods Happen – Be Prepared awareness campaign was launched at an event in Burton last month.