Family of Keeley Bunker release statement

Friday, 7th August 2020

THE family and friends of Keeley Bunker have issued a joint statement via Staffordshire Police ahead of the sentencing of Wesley Streete which happens later today.

The family statement says how they will never see 20-year-old Keeley marry, have children, enjoy holidays or work.

Streete was found guilty of the Murder and Rape of Keeley on Wednesday and he is due to be sentenced today (Friday).

At Tamworth Informed our thoughts are with the family and friends of Keeley at this incredibly difficult time.

The full statement from the family reads:

Keeley Bunker, ‘our Keeley Bunks’, was the kindest, most beautiful young lady that you could ever wish to meet. Keeley was compassionate, loving, caring and would put others before herself, always.

Keeley loved everyone unconditionally and nothing was ever too much trouble. She had many friends and she didn’t realise just how many she had. We know that she was loved by all.

We could never have wished for any more from Keeley, she was perfect in every way. Her life was taken away, so cruelly and far too soon.

Keeley had many dreams that have now all been stolen, both from her and from us – her family and friends.

We will not see Keeley marry, go on to have children, enjoy any holidays or her work.

The world was hers and Keeley was just beginning to live a happy life.

As Keeley’s family, the outcome of this trial will never be enough, in terms of justice. It will never bring ‘our Keeley’ back to us. We miss her so much and no words can ever express the heartache that we feel.

Never ever will we forget the precious years that we had with ‘our Keeley’, together with all of the memories that we will always hold dear.

We love you Keeley xx

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