Facebook went down for many users across Europe – and set people panicking!

Wednesday, 5th December 2018

SOCIAL media lovers found themselves going a little cold turkey this afternoon as global social network Facebook is inaccessible to users.

Users that were online on Facebook at around 1.30pm today found themselves logged out and unable to re-login.

Substantial numbers of people reported they had lost access to their account, while others said the site had stopped working entirely.

Some users that were logged out were being told that their password is incorrect and then when they tried to reset their password, they were being directed to an error page.

An error screen that users are facing.

An error screen that users are facing.

The problems led to mass confusion as users took to other social networks like Twitter to ask Facebook what had happened to their accounts. Others worried they had been hacked – though the problem appears to be a technical issue with the way the site works.

Some twitter users however, took to their timeline to mock those complaining about Facebook being down. Ironic?

According to downdetector.co.uk, Facebook began to experience problems at 1.28pm today, Wednesday 5 December and from looking at reports, it seems the issue was mainly affecting Europe.

Here at Tamworth Informed, some of our staff found that they could log back in to the site at around 2.30pm.

At this time, facebook have not commented on the outage.