Extra disabled parking spaces to be created in Aldergate

Wednesday, 29th June 2016

A NUMBER of extra disabled spaces are to be created in the Aldergate car park. This comes after Blue Badge holders said they wanted to see more disabled parking in the town centre.

A further two permanent disabled spaces are being added to the two existing spaces in the Aldergate car park. In addition, 10 part-time disabled spaces are being created close to the Philip Dix Centre. These spaces will be available to Blue Badge holders ONLY from 6pm in the evening and all day at weekends. They will be available for general use during weekdays.

When the Philip Dix Centre re-opens as a Business & Enterprise Centre following its conversion, those 10 spaces will only be available for use by permit-holding tenants of the Centre on weekdays, but will still be available for Blue Badge holders after 6pm on weekdays and all day at weekends.

The new accessible spaces in the Aldergate car park are in addition to the 14 disabled spaces which will be created at the car parks in Hospital Street, Church Lane and Spinning School Lane. Work is also ongoing with Staffordshire County Council to identify the possibility of creating further on street parking spaces.

The creation of the 16 full-time and 10 part-time disabled parking spaces is being carried out ahead of the loss of the eight spaces currently available in the car park between Tamworth Assembly Rooms, the Carnegie Centre and Tamworth Library.

Public Square

The car park is due to close to make way for the new public square which will be developed in the area, complete with benches, bins, lighting and landscaping.

The new spaces in the Aldergate car park were created following consultation with Blue Badge holders, who said they wanted accessible car parking right in the town centre, convenient for Tamworth Assembly Rooms and Tamworth Library. Work to re-line the car park to create the spaces began this week.

Cllr Steve Claymore, Cabinet member for Regeneration, said: “Tamworth Borough Council is committed to providing free accessible parking for Blue Badge holders in the town centre through the provision of dedicated bays in off-street car parks and the free use of all off-street parking.

“We always promised to provide more new disabled parking spaces in the town centre than will be lost due to the works to Tamworth Assembly Rooms and after listening to what Blue Badge holders told us they wanted, we have amended our plans to create more parking spaces in the Aldergate car park.

“The dual-use parking spaces are a new concept in Tamworth and this is the first time we have used them in the borough. Work has already started to mark out the new spaces at Aldergate and we are committed to ensuring that the majority of the new disabled spaces in the other car parks throughout the town are provided before the existing car parking at Tamworth Assembly Rooms is closed. We would also remind Blue Badge holders that they can use any space in any of the town’s council-run car parks completely free of charge.”

Planning Application

The creation of the new public space and improvements to Tamworth Library, which includes details of the proposed new disabled parking spaces is within the planning application. This is due to be considered by Tamworth Borough Council’s Planning Committee next Tuesday, July 5, where it is recommended for approval.

The plan shows new disabled parking spaces for Blue Badge holders being created in:

  • Aldergate car park – 4 permanent spaces and 10 dual-use spaces. These will be available to Blue Badge holders ONLY from 6pm evenings and all day at weekends
  • Church Lane car park – 4 spaces
  • Church Lane, opposite houses – 2 spaces
  • Hospital Street car park – 2 spaces
  • Spinning School Lane car park – 8 spaces

The submission of the public realm planning application is part of the ambitious £6.1 million project to regenerate Tamworth town centre with the creation of an Enterprise Quarter.

The development of the Enterprise Quarter will also include the transformation of the Philip Dix Centre in Corporation Street into a Business and Enterprise Centre, the refurbishment and extension of Tamworth Assembly Rooms, improvements to the appearance of Tamworth Library and public spaces and the redevelopment of the Carnegie Centre as a restaurant.

The project is a partnership initiative led by Tamworth Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council. It is expected to create around 100 jobs and attract additional private investment. An independent economic impact assessment which was carried out ahead of the funding bid showed that the development of an Enterprise Quarter could potentially add £13 million to the town’s economy by 2019.