Glascote ward election results

Friday, 25th May 2018

VOTERS in Glascote have taken to the polls and the results have now been counted.

Whilst nine out of the ten wards were up for election at the beginning of the month on Thursday 3 May, the Glascote ward, being the tenth was up for election today, Friday 25 May and you can see the result below.

With just 12 votes in it, Labour (and Co-operative) held the Glascote seat meaning that overall Conservatives gained two seats, one from Labour and one from UKIP. This result means that Conservative hold control of Tamworth Borough Council.

These seats were last up for election in 2014 when Simon Peaple was last elected. His vote share was down 14.0% this time, losing out to UKIP who did not stand in 2014 and this time got 10.8% and Greens who also did not stand in 2014 and this time got 4.8% of the votes.  Conservatives also dropped 1.6% of the vote share.

Simon Peaple is the first councillor to be elected to Tamworth Borough Council as a Labour Co-operative candidate.

There was a very poor turn out for today’s election, with just 21% of those eligible to vote doing so.  This is down on the 2014 election where the turnout was 27.81% for the Glascote Ward.

You can see the full results for the other 9 wards further down the page.  Below you can also see interviews with Cllr Danny Cook, leader of the Council; Cllr Simon Peaple, leader of the opposition and Christopher Pincher MP.


BOX, Dennis (UKIP) 124 votes
JONES, Kevin (Greens) 55 votes
LUNN, Allan Edward (Conservative) 478 votes
PEAPLE, Simon (Labour and Co-operative) 490 votes


Turnout – 21%

Interview with Simon Peaple (Labour and Co-operative)

The election for the other 9 wards took place on Thursday 3 May; the results for these wards can be seen below.

Amington Ward

Bannister, Richard (Labour) 718 votes
CLAYMORE, Rosey (Conservative) 876 votes
MORRIS, Lisa (UKIP) 121 votes
TITLEY, Andrew (Greens) 64 votes

RESULT: Conservative GAIN

Turnout – 30.65%

Belgrave Ward

COUCHMAN, Marion (Lab) 540 votes
Edmunds, Lesley (GRN) 75 votes
JAY, Thomas (CON) 769 votes
SMITH, Paul (UKIP) 199 votes

RESULT: Conservative HOLD

Turnout – 27.26%

Bolehall Ward

CARLING, Richard (CON) 533 votes
ENTWISTLE, Carl (UKIP) 131 votes
NORCHI, Ken (LAB) 915 votes


Turnout – 27.67%

Castle Ward

ABBOTS, Michelle (LAB) 614 votes
CLARKE, John (UKIP) 126 votes
DAVIES, Matt (LIB) 161 votes
PRICE, Ben (CON) 862 votes

RESULT: Conservative HOLD

Turnout – 31.4%

Glascote Ward

The election for this ward takes place on Friday 25 May

Mercian Ward

GREATOREX, Michael (CON) 894 votes
MARTIN, Gary (UKIP) 115 votes
SCATTERGOOD, John (GRN) 82 votes
WILES, Andy (LAB) 572 votes

RESULT: Conservative HOLD

Turnout – 32.07%

Spital Ward

CHESWORTH, John (CON) 921 votes
LOXTON, Huw (IND) 423 votes
MOORE, Gordon (LAB) 611 votes

RESULT: Conservative HOLD

Turnout – 35.81%

Stonydelph Ward

BAILEY, Marie (CON) 485 votes
BIGGS, Paul (UKIP) 184 votes
CRANE, Lisa (LAB) 420 votes
MADGE, Tony (IND) 378 votes

RESULT: Conservative GAIN

Turnout – 25.58%

Trinity Ward

BILCLIFF, Gail (UKIP) 152 votes
GOODRIDGE, William (GRN) 102 votes
OATES, Michael (CON) 1130 votes
WOOD, Lee (LAB) 517 votes

RESULT: Conservative HOLD

Turnout – 33.03%

Wilnecote Ward

BAYLEY, Bob (LAB) 735 votes
CLEMENTS, Tina (CON) 1092 votes
HOLMES, Nicola (GRN) 170 votes

RESULT: Conservative HOLD

Turnout – 29.95%

How the Council is now made up

Tamworth Borough Council is now currently made up of 22 Conservative councillors, 6 Labour councillors, 1 Independent councillors and 1 UK Independence Party (UKIP) councillor. this means that the Conservative form the controlling group.

  • Conservative
  • Labour and Co-operative
  • Independant
  • UKIP

Below you can see interviews that were conducted after the election count on Friday 4 May. 

Cllr Danny Cook interview

Cllr Simon Peaple interview

Christopher Pincher MP interview