Dry Clean or ‘Dry Mean’?

December 11, 2015

WHEN you take an item of clothing to the Dry Cleaners you expect it to come back cleaner than when you sent it surely?

At the very least you expect your clothing to come back without any new stains!

Like many off us, this is what Mrs Neal thought when she took her coat in to Timpson to use their dry cleaning service.  What she did not expect is a large chemical stain to appear on the coat and for Timpson to deny all responsibility.

Taking her winter coat in to the Nuneaton Branch of Timpson at the beginning of November and paying her £10.99, she left expecting to collect the coat, rejuvenated in around a weeks time.

Unfortunately when Natalie Neal who is originally from Tamworth, went to collect her coat, she was told that there was a large stain on the garment. Worse that this, she was told that SHE had caused the damage; despite the stain not being present when it was taken in to the branch.

Natalie told Tamworth Informed:  “There was a large navy blue stain on the coat which looked like ink or polish, it was really severe. The label on the coat said that the damage was caused by a ‘hang bag’; this did not fill me with confidence.

“This damage certainly was not on the coat when I took it in to the branch.”

Examining the damage with a member of staff, Natalie was told that the damage could not have been caused by a ‘hang’ (hand?) bag as it had soaked through all layers of the material, in to the lining and even the care label.

As such the damage was not a ‘contact stain’ and she was told it must have been something spilt on the coat in the companies hub.

The garment was left with Timpsons as they said they would send the item to another of their hubs to be cleaned and that it would be returned in a further week.

Mrs Neal was informed by the member of staff that if the stain could not be removed, the company would look to reimburse her for the value of the coat.

A week later, Natalie went back to Timpson and the stain, although lighter was still clearly present on the coat.  The manager told Natalie that he would have to speak to his area manager.

“The shop was busy and the he said ‘I’ll call the area manager, I hope you’ve got your credit card with you for the refund as I have no cash in the till!” said Natalie “He spoke to the area manager on the phone and explained that some sort of ‘chemical stain’ had been caused to the coat.

“I was told that that coat should go back for a third time to see if the stain could be removed”.

When Natalie returned to Timpson to collect the coat for the third time, it was not present.  The manager of the store called the hub and was informed that the stain was still present but that the stain was ‘wear’.

Mrs Neal went on to say that when the Manager got off the phone he told her to call customer services, adding “If they tell you its wear and tear your stuffed”.

Over 5 weeks after taking her coat in to be cleaned, Mrs Neal is still without her coat with no sufficient explanation from Timpson and no apology.

Natalie told us: “I feel like I have been avoided, no one has taken responsibility for the mistake and I’ve been told several different things by branch staff and over the phone, I feel this is very unfair treatment.

“The company have tried to blame me for something their hub have done to my coat and then insisted it was wear and tear. Even if there was some wear and tear to my coat, it is now worse because of the staining.”

Timpson have been contacted by Tamworth Informed in relation to this issue.

Have you suffered an experience like this?  Was it resolved?