Drug Dealers with £50k haul Imprisoned

Thursday, 30th January 2014

Drug dealers from Tamworth and Lancashire have been jailed for possession of £50,000 of cocaine with intent to supply.

Everett and Bullen were two of the three sentenced

Everett and Bullen were two of the three sentenced

Matthew Richard Everett, (31), Albion Street, Tamworth; Stuart Alan Nicholson, (33), Borough Road, Tamworth, and Martin Richard Bullen, (33), Eskdale Road, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, all pleaded guilty at Stafford Crown Court on 3 January 2014.

They attended the same court on Wednesday 29 January where they were sentenced. Matthew Everett was jailed for five years, Martin Bullen jailed for 30-months Stuart Nicholson was given an 18-months suspended sentence.

Following months of detailed investigations, under the force’s on-going Operation Nemesis to tackle drug dealers and bring them to justice, the men were arrested in September 2012 when Bullen was seen to approach Nicholson in Lakenheath, Tamworth, and drop a small brown parcel into a draw-string bag.

The package contained 247 grams of cocaine, which had a purity of 74 per cent, believed to be destined to be supplied in Tamworth and surrounding towns which would have netted them more than £50,000. Everett, who was orchestrating the exchange, was arrested a short distance away at Nicholson’s home in Borough Road.

Police searched their home addresses and vehicles and seized a further quantity of drugs and a list of drug dealers.

Heading the investigation, Detective Inspector Phil Duffy, of the Serious and Organised Crime Unit, said: “These individuals were engaged in selling drugs in Staffordshire. I hope today’s results will reassure our communities that we are listening to them and taking action against drug dealers.

“We continue our commitment to tackle those who seek to profit from other people’s misery. Information we received from the public is imperative to the success of these operations.”

Another part of Operation Nemesis is encouraging people addicted to drugs and alcohol to seek help and make positive changes to live a healthy and crime-free life.

DI Duffy added: “We will continue to take a tough stance on criminals involved in drugs and related anti-social behaviour. Our communities need and should feel safe and we will do our utmost to protect you and your families.

“You could make a real difference and help us to get more drug dealers off our streets. The police are not alone in the battle against drugs. We appreciate and act on the public’s help who give us information direct, or through the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously.

Staffordshire Police operation nemises

“With your support we will continue to bring those involved in this serious criminal activity to justice. You may think that your concern about a person, suspicious vehicles or activity is insignificant, but that information could be a vital piece in the jigsaw.”

Anyone with information about drug dealing can call police on 101. Alternatively they can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 111 555, or go on line at www.crimestoppers-uk.org.

The Crimestoppers Trust in the only registered and independent charity helping to solve crimes – it is not part of the police service. There are many reasons why people who know who the criminals are but don’t want to ring the police. They may not want to make a statement, or go to court, or they may fear the criminal will know who has given information. Being able to contact an independent organisation anonymously helps some people to come forward, breaking the silence around criminal activity and removing their fear.