Dropping a cigarette end costs smoker £385

Thursday, 17th December 2015

SMOKING is an expensive habit – as one driver found to his cost recently.

The North Warwickshire Borough Council’s second prosecution in a matter of weeks saw Mark Webber of Tamworth fined £385 for dropping his cigarette out of his car window.

A member of the Borough Council’s Environmental Health team spotted the incident on Grendon Road in Polesworth.  They noted the car registration number and traced it to the owner using the Council’s DVLA site.

Despite sending several letters to Mr Webber,  he failed to respond although he eventually attended an interview under caution at the Borough Council offices.   He pleaded guilty by post as he did not want to attend the Magistrates Court.

Steve Maxey, Assistant Chief Executive and Solicitor to the Council said: “This is our second prosecution of this kind in a matter of weeks and if Mr Webber had replied to our letters he would have only faced a fixed penalty fine of £50.

“Recent surveys have shown that over 80% of litter is made up of cigarette ends and other smoking related materials.  Looking after our environment is one of the Borough Council’s priorities and it costs us and our Council Tax payers around £650,000 a year to keep North Warwickshire clean and free of litter.”

The £385 fine consisted of a £90 fine, £150 court costs, £125 for Council legal costs and a £20 victim surcharge.