Important information for Patients of Dosthill Medical Centre

Sunday, 4th November 2018

DUE to fire damage on the premises of Dosthill Medical Centre, the GP medical services will be moved to Wilnecote and Glascote surgeries.

It is planned that the current phone number for the GP practice will be transferred by Monday morning (5 November), so patients can continue to call the practice as usual on: 01827 283487. Alternatively, for urgent advice patients can also call Glascote Surgery on 01827 281000.

Patients who have appointments booked on Monday will have been contacted by the practice. Patients with booked appointments for the remainder of this week will also be contacted over the coming days to provide further information.

To support the practice, with the high number of calls they expect, patients are asked to only call with urgent queries on Monday morning.

With the Dosthill premises closed, doctors and staff will be moved temporarily to the partnership’s other practices at Wilnecote and Glascote so that patients can continue to receive advice and treatment.

Partners and staff are doing everything possible to minimise disruption and ensure patients continue to receive high quality care.

Further information will be shared once the extent of the fire damage is assessed.

A spokesperson for Dosthill GP practice, said: “We are working hard to minimise disruption for patients and thank them for their understanding as we work in difficult circumstances. Our priority is to ensure patients with urgent needs receive high quality advice and support.

“Patients should continue to contact the surgery through our usual phone number. Any patients with appointments booked for Monday and the remainder of this week will be contacted to give further information. We thank patients for their understanding and will work with them as appointments are moved to our other practices at Wilnecote and Glascote. We are also opening additional rooms at Glascote to help manage demand.

“Once the extent of the fire damage is known we will develop a longer term plan and keep patients informed and involved.”

Patients expecting to collect a prescription from the Dosthill pharmacy should contact the Fazeley branch on 01827 262488 or at 11 Coleshill Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RB.

Patients with an existing dental appointment or needing to book a dental appointment should continue to call the dental surgery on 01827 282237 for further advice.