Dog owner falls foul of CCTV camera

Monday, 24th February 2014

A dog owner, who failed to clear up after her dog, was caught on camera at the Westwood Road recreation ground, Atherstone and fined £80.

The Atherstone woman was spotted by the CCTV operator walking well ahead of her distinctive dog. The dog then fouled next to the children’s play area but the owner failed to return to clear up the mess. When she left in her car, the CCTV camera was able to capture and record her vehicle registration.  Although the woman initially denied the offence, she finally paid her fine after being presented with the footage as evidence.

David Baxendale, Environmental Health Manager said:

“We want to send a clear message to irresponsible dog owners, that we are monitoring the fouling hot spots and won’t hesitate to issue a fixed penalty notice.  Dog fouling on play areas is particularly unpleasant and dangerous as children can pick up nasty diseases from dog faeces. Thankfully, most dog owners are responsible, carry poop scoops or bags and clear up after their pets. So it’s a great shame that a minority make life so unpleasant for people who just want to enjoy our parks and recreation areas.”


Report dog fouling in Tamworth:Mucky Pup Poster

Call:  01827 709427


Text: MUCKYPUP and message to 88020.

This will allow the council to record hot spots to support future patrols and campaigns.


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Call: 01827 715341