Developers seeking to build a further 220 homes on Tamworth’s Border

Thursday, 1st June 2017

TAMWORTH Informed has learned that an outline planning application is being prepared for a proposal comprising up to 220 dwellings within the Lichfield District, but again, on the border with Tamworth.

The plans will also seek the proposal for access, public open space, landscaping, sustainable urban drainage systems, footpaths, roads and associated infrastructure.

The site site they are seeking to develop is land at land off Browns Lane, Tamworth; next to the Taylor Wimpey site which is currently under development.

The proposal is being mad on behalf of Summix Limited, which is a property development company based in London which was incorporated in 2006.

An exhibition on behalf of Summix Ltd has been arranged and the public are invited to view these emerging proposals. The exhibition will be on Wednesday 14 June between 3pm – 7.30pm at the Town Hall, Market Street, Tamworth.

If approved, the development would be in addition to the 535 homes planned for the Anker Valley site, the plans for up to 1000 homes on the Arkall Farm site, the 164 homes of the Taylor Wimpey site and the 174 new homes planned of Coton Lane.

In total, this means that more that 2000 homes will be added to the North side of the town.

The proposed development

The proposed development off Browns Lane

Cllr Robert Pritchard, Ward Councillor has been spoken to by Tamworth Informed.

This is what he had to say: “While we need houses in the right place, this development adds insult to injury to the residents of Browns Lane. They have already had to endure a large housing development at the bottom of their gardens and now along comes another development even bigger than the last.

“This is another attempt to dump houses on our boarders and I again fear Lichfield District Council will roll over for the developers and let Tamworth be consumed by housing developments.

“Tamworth will again get all the traffic and have no say in the development during planning. We are powerless to to stop these developments as they are outside our councils boundaries. Furthermore residents will again be frustrated that all the developer contributions, new home bonus and council tax will be funding services in Lichfield and not Tamworth. But these residents will be part of Tamworth and use local services.

“There has to be changes to the planning system to stop dumping on the boarders of towns, this is completely unsustainable and a recipe for disaster.”

What do you think of the plans?  Are the homes needed?