Crime is up in Staffordshire

Saturday, 26th January 2019

THE latest crime statistics from the Office of National Statistics show that overall Police recorded crime is on the increase in Staffordshire.

The latest figures show crime figures for the 12-months ending September 2018 and we have compared these figures to the 12-months ending September 2017.

The total recorded crimes (excluding fraud offences) in Staffordshire for the 12-month period was 84,164; this is a 2% increase on the previous 12-month period of 82,767.

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In Neighbouring Warwickshire, there was a 1% decrease of overall crime, from 41,196 reported crimes in the year ending September 2017, to 40,693 in the year ending September 2018.

In the West Midlands Police area, there was a massive 10% increase in overall police recorded crimes, from 221,774 to 244,527.

Violent Crime

Looking at the statistics further, ‘Violence against the person’ offences in Staffordshire have increased by 7% from 28,398 to 30,290. This includes Violence with and without injury, Stalking & Harassment and Death or injury from unlawful driving.

Most noticeably, there were 12 reported homicides in Staffordshire in the year ending September 2018, compared to in the year ending 2017.

Homicide is the act of one human killing another and in English law, this covers murder and manslaughter, both voluntary and involuntary.

Sexual Offences

Sexual offences in Staffordshire have increased by 6% from 3,173 to 3,353. In the West Midlands Police area there was also an increase, this time by a massive 20% from 5,707 to 6,838.

In Warwickshire, there was a decrease of 17%, from 1,532 recorded offences to 1,276.


Slightly better news comes when Burglary offences are looked at for Staffordshire. For the year ending September 2018, there were 6,118 Burglaries, compared to 6,262 for the year ending 2017.

Of the 6,118 recorded burglaries, 3,889 were where residential properties were targetted and 2,229 were where non-residential properties were targetted.

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It is worth remembering also, that these are the police recorded crimes and so the figures for actual crime will be different as not all crimes are reported to the police.