Couple caught having sex in Tamworth phone box

Friday, 17th July 2015

A DISGUSTED resident has spoken of her shock this evening after witnessing a couple having sex in broad daylight on a residential street.

The naughty couple were seen in a phone box on Gorsey Bank Road in the Wilnecote area of Tamworth at around 6pm this evening, Friday 17 July.

The man could be seen to be naked on his bottom half where as the blonde haired female could be seen to have her trouser pulled down.

The pair (none of whom appeared to be making a call by the way!) were both wearing sunglasses but it would have taken a bit more to hide their modesty.

The resident who wishes to remain anonymous told Tamworth Informed: “It was only 6pm as we drove past so it was broad daylight.

“Thankfully there were no children in the car with us, or playing in the busy residential area!”

She went on to say: “Complete dirtbags! My passenger took the pictures as we wanted to warn people”

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The law

Images sent in by a local resident.

Images sent in by a local resident.

If you are caught having sex in public then it is possible that you will be charged with a criminal offence. The law and the punishment evoked as a result of breaking it will largely depend on the circumstances in which you are caught having sex.

Whilst it is understandable that people can get carried away in the moment, it is also reasonable that there must be some kind of law protecting people, and particularly children, from witnessing such sexual acts.

There are several possible pieces of law that can be breached by having sex in public: notably The Sexual Offences Act, outraging public decency, and the Public Order Act. Common to all these laws is that is must be witnessed, or have been able to be witnessed, by somebody else.

Couple having sex in phone box

Images sent in by a local resident.

Apart from the obvious fact that it will be difficult to get caught if nobody has seen you having sex, the more pertinent point is that the law in this area is not designed to restrict two people having fun, but to protect people who may not want to witness it; therefore if nobody has witnessed the incident, nobody can have been caused any alarm and there is unlikely to be any punishment.

The law protecting people from seeing sex in a public place will therefore be administered in accordance with the very specific circumstances involved.

If, for example, a couple are caught having sex in a public place, but perhaps somewhere they felt they could not be seen: perhaps in an empty park or beach, then the punishment (if any) is likely to be less severe than were a couple to have sex in an area where it is clear they will be seen and they have made no attempt to avoid the gaze of the public.