Council welcomes ‘resounding’ victory on Daw Mill Colliery

Tuesday, 27th March 2018

NORTH Warwickshire Borough Council has warmly welcomed a resounding planning victory

The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government dismissed an appeal against the Council’s decision to refuse planning permission at Daw Mill.

Harworth Estates, the owners of the site, had applied for a 265,000 sq ft industrial park together with a rail distribution depot. The Council refused the application due to its inappropriateness in the Green Belt, because of the noise impact on local residents and the harm to the landscape and biodiversity.

Harworth Estates appealed and the matter was argued over 9 days before a Government Inspector. Over Whitacre Parish Council and the Leys and Whitacre residents’ action group were formally involved in the appeal, leading on matters relating to the site’s history and the highway impact.

On 21st March the Secretary of State announced that he agreed with the Inspector that the appeal should be dismissed due to the unacceptable harm the development would cause.

Reacting to the news, Leader of North Warwickshire Borough Council, Councillor David Humphreys said; “This is a resounding victory for this Council’s decision. The impact of this proposal would have been enormous and would have catastrophically altered this area. I am very proud of the case the Council put forward on this appeal, using a team led by our Officers and supported by external experts. I also pay tribute to the Parish Council, action group and local residents for the effort and knowledge they brought to this appeal.

The Council is aware of the need to provide jobs for the residents of North Warwickshire and wider area and has an enviable record on this with a booming economy. This development was however totally out of keeping for this area and I am pleased the Secretary of State has agreed with us and the local residents, providing a strong defence of our Green Belt”.

North Warwickshire Borough Council Opposition Leader, Councillor Adam Farrell added; “There has been cross party support for the Council’s refusal of this application and I’m delighted with the result. The investment by Councillors, the Parish Council and local residents into this defence has been exceptional and it is a decision the whole area will welcome. I’m particularly pleased with the joint work by Councillors, Officers and local residents to unite against this unacceptable proposal”.

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