Council Tenants improve their digital skills thanks to new IT workshops

Monday, 22nd October 2018

RESIDENTS living in the town’s sheltered housing schemes say they are now more confident using technology, thanks to an ICT workshop organised by Tamworth Borough Council.

The new sessions were introduced as a pilot scheme to help sheltered housing tenants overcome any fears they have around using technology. The workshop offered advice and support from the ICT Team, Tamworth Enterprise Centre and the Tenant Regulatory and Involvement Team from Tamworth Borough Council, and covered tasks such as how to report issues online via the council website, how to raise a complaint and how to use their personal devices more effectively.

Tenants were delighted with how much they got from the session. The feedback received has been very positive:

A resident from Sunset Close said: “I was going to throw my mobile away as I couldn’t use it. At the session I was shown how to delete old messages and how to use my phone. I now feel more confident.”

A delighted resident said “I was given help to fix my kindle and delete books I had read. The staff added security to my laptop and sorted out the cookies. They were very polite and helpful.”

Another Sunset Close resident added: “My iPad wasn’t working and so I was given help at the session to correct it. When they checked online the serial number, it came up as a faulty batch and I was advised to return it. I found the ICT person very patient and helpful.”

A resident from Bright Crescent said: “I had a fabulous time. All the members of staff were so friendly and I learnt such a lot. I am happy that I decided to attend the session.”

An Edward Court resident stated: “I was given help with adding free security software to my mobile phone and help to make it work more effectively. The IT person was very helpful and kind.”

A tenant gets some handy tips on using a tablet.

A tenant gets some handy tips on using a tablet.

The course was a great success and popular with tenants, bringing older people together with council teams to discuss their technology concerns and learn how to become more confident when using devices to shop, Skype, pay bills online, banking, and connecting with family, friends, businesses or groups.

The new sessions will now be offered to more tenants and anyone interested in taking part should contact Diane Hughes, Tenant Regulatory & Involvement Assistant at Tamworth Borough Council on 01827 709374, or email:

Cllr Michelle Thurgood, Cabinet member for Housing Services & Neighbourhoods, said: “We’re delighted to be helping the residents from our sheltered housing schemes embrace as many digital skills as possible; everything from Skyping to internet shopping, learning computer basics to understanding how different mobile devices work. Having access to the internet and being able to ‘surf’ confidently can also help housebound or elderly people stay connected with family, friends and the wider community.

“We hope that the benefits of these workshops will inspire others to also join in additional sessions that will be held throughout the year.”